Add "assign to people flow" to the "Allow New Registrations" in settings...


I'd like to enable the "Allow New Registrations" w/in the People setting with option of adding them to a people flow.

Use Case:

We tell all of our members to go to the site and click "Create Account"

Once they complete this step they are:

1) added to a "new account registrant" people flow

2) given "new account registrant" access permissions (highly restricted)

Now, the system admin can perform whatever verification steps we have in place (people flow steps) and once complete we can move the person to a less restrictive user access setting.


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for the email.

We're wanting to look into some customization to this form. We haven't yet decided if this is going to be part of it or not yet though.

You can always look into a custom form though and have the form set to add them into a people flow. That way anyone that fills in the form will be added to the people flow.

Hope this helps,


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