New Event Registrations

The new event registration pages are pretty slick. Thanks so much for rolling these out to us!

I do have a request for them though, some events we don't want the ticket based registrations for... we use forms for people to sign up for bible study groups, etc. The ticket option looks a little strange when signing up for a group. But with the new system there is no easy way to have people register using the old style form.

I worked around it a little bit by being able to create an old style form, add event registration to the form and link to the form in the description of the event... but I really would like to be able to use the old style form or have the option to not display the ticket information on the new style form.

Does this make any sense?

Thanks guys!

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the post.

We are wanting to look into this more in a future release. While it probably won't make it way into the system before we consider the beta to be over, but it will one day make it in.

When it comes to signing up for groups specifically though, we'll be looking into a dedicated form type for this at some point down the road as well.

Just to let you know, the old method of having the event registration field in a form will be removed by the time we bring this out of beta. 

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart!

I'll have to get creative for the next round of groups, but that's 6 months away, so I have time to think about it and we'll see what other amazing features come rolling down the pipeline now that you guys have hired some new developers.


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