Make Service Notes more user-friendly

Hey Elvanto Team!

3 things that would be incredibly helpful with notes in Service planning is this:

  1. Enabling us to set a note in the Service Type, so that when we add services, we don't have to manually add a note for every service (Instead, we can set a 'template' note for the service type, that can then get modified when we edit individual or multiple services).
  2. In the 'edit multiple services' screen, enable copying (drag & dropping) of service notes, so that notes can be duplicated to multiple services, rather than having to be created from scratch for each individual service.
  3. Creating a 'title' for the notes would also be incredibly helpful, so that we can see what the Note is about at a glance in the sidebar of the individual service screen. At the moment, we can only see who created the note, and the date. It would be much more helpful to know that 'this particular note is for the prayer team', and 'that particular note is for the music team' - etc...
Thanks for all that you guys do - It's been a joy to see some of the improvements to the system over the last few months!

Steve Cimarosti

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