Skipping weeks in the LifeGroup Calendar

Hi guys

We have a situation where our LifeGroups meet every week except on weeks where we have a monthly all-church prayer meeting. The only way we can find to represent this in the calendar is to only show three weeks of a group, and then restart after the prayer meeting weeks - which isn't great in that it means people aren't seeing group dates in their calendars beyond a month out.

Alternatively we have all the dates in the calendars going forward, but then the groups are shown to be meeting in weeks where we have a prayer meeting too.

Is there any way to either delete a week each month from the group's schedule, or to configure the group dates in such a way as to skip the weeks when a prayer meeting is happening?

Many thanks


Hi Rhys,

Thanks for the question.

If you submit a group report for the meeting that you know is going to be skipped, you can mark it as "Will not meet" which will remove it from the calendar, and prevent it from sending out attendance reminders.

Hope this helps,


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