On-Going and/or Recurring Pledges


We use the pledges feature in Elvanto to raise funds for an on-going project. These pledges are for an indefinite time period, so we really don't have a set number of donations towards the pledge or an end date.

2016 was our first year using the financial and pledge features in Elvanto. We initially set up these on-going pledges as having a end day for 10 years in the future, but this caused some concern and confusion when the giving statements reported that those that pledged "owed" many thousands of dollars.

To remedy this, we instead decided to create separate pledges for each calendar year. This worked fine this year, but I find that now that we're in the new years and I have to re-create all these pledges for 2017, the process is pretty tedious.

For our purposes, I could see a few possible solutions that would make this easier:

  1. Support on-going pledges - The current pledge options are mostly the same, but the frequency "times" field is optional. If the "times" field is left blank, then the pledge is on-going. We'd also need a setting for how often to break-up the pledge report on the giving statements (in our case, yearly).

  2. Allow recurring pledges - The current pledge options remain the same, but there's an option to make the pledge recurring. If this option is checked, then once the pledge has ended, a new pledge will automatically be created with the same settings, but with the start date incremented.

  3. Allow manual copying/duplicating of pledges - Add an option that would allow selecting multiple pledges and, under mass manage, add a "duplicate" option that would make a copy of the pledges and allow a subset of the settings to be changed. (In our case, we'd just need the start date).

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