Analytics for Admins

It would be nice to measure our progress in adoption of Elvanto through a report that would give us some simple analytics. Some ideas below, of course for a defined date range. (Some are clearly a lot easier than others.)

How many logins?

How many general emails sent?

How many scheduling emails sent?

How many edits to profiles? How many self-edits to profiles?

How many reports created? generated?

How many group meeting reports submitted?

How many calendar events created? By how many people?

How many form submissions through how many forms?

How many new posts?

How many new pages?

How many event invitations sent?

How many event invitations RSVPd?

How many files uploaded?

How many files viewed or downloaded?

How many external links clicked?

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Hi Bill!

Thanks for the email.

These would definitely be some interesting stats to collect. There's some things that we aren't currently recording that means we can't do everything in here. I'll put a feature request in for something along these lines though.

Just for your records though:

  • How many logins can be achieved using the "Last login date" filter in advanced searches/custom reports.
  • You can get a rough idea of mixed emails sent using people activity report, although this doesn't include automated emails
  • Group reporting can be statistically looked at using the Group Attendance Summary report
Basically everything else would need to be part of that feature request I mentioned above.


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