Link event registrations with the guest list

I'm just starting to use the use the new Registration feature for events in Elvanto. I really like the feature and I think it has great potential. 

One thing I noticed is that the event registrants and the guest list aren't really connected. I think it'd be really helpful to automatically add people to the guest list if they register.

For example:

  • I register for the event and select to pay offline or don't complete the payment process (e.g. close out of PayPal before paying), then I'm added to the event as a "Maybe"
  • I've already registered, but haven't paid (and thus I'm a "Maybe"). Later, my payment is recorded offline and I'm then moved from "Maybe" to "Confirmed"
  • I register for the event and pay online, then I'm added to the event as "Confirmed"
This feature should minimally work with the "Billing Contact" that's required for the event registration form, but it'd be really helpful to optionally have each ticket linked to a person as well.

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Hi Brian. 

Thanks for the request.

That's definitely an interesting idea with the status of the guests being tied to their payment status. I'll pass this through to the developers for you.

Hope this helps,


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