Ability to resume event registration

As I was testing out the event registration feature, I got into a state where my event registration was submitted, but my payment wasn't applied and I was unable to apply an online payment.

Here's what I did:

  • Created an event. Note that my account is set to not accept partial payments.
  • Started registering for the event by selecting my ticket types and continuing
  • Started payment by confirming my order, entering my billing info, and selecting PayPal
  • From PayPal I abandoned my payment by closing the PayPal tab

From the administrators perspective, it shows that I've registered but haven't paid.
From my perspective, I didn't receive an invoice and don't have any way of paying my balance using an online method.

I think it'd be useful for registrants that haven't paid the full amount to be able to apply online payments to their registration:
  • For users (with active logins) this could be done adding an option to "Pay Invoice" on the event.
  • For users and non-users alike, they could receive an email with their invoice and a link they can follow to apply a payment to their registration.

I haven't verified this, but I believe a similar state could be achieved (and solved the same way) by enabling partial payments, applying a partial payment, but not being allowed to add subsequent payments.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the message.

This is something we want to look into in the future, especially with part-payments

Hope this helps,


I'd add my vote to this. We're trying to set up to take online regos for an event and letting people complete payments after registering is a bit of a problem for us.

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