Option to show "other times" on the calendar

We recently went through a change in our service schedule at our church. Our new schedule consists of a Sunday school and a worship service, along with our various rehearsals and meetings. What I'd like to be able to do is optionally show/hide the "other times" associated with the service on the calendar.

With this schedule, the vast majority of our volunteers are involved in both portions of the service and reporting for both portions would be combined, so we really don't want to go the route of creating two service types, one for the Sunday school and one for the worship service. We do, however, want to make both Sunday school and the worship service visible on our calendar, while leaving the rehearsals and meetings off of the calendar.

In short, the feature I'm requesting is to have a "include on calendar" checkbox associated with each "other times" entry that allows the user to opt-in to making the entry visible on the calendar.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the email.

Can I just clarify exactly what you're wanting here?

Are you wanting this to appear, so that your volunteers know the extra times, or are you wanting to make it public for your members and visitors to know?

Happy to help,


Hi Stewart,

I'd be happy to clarify.

With the way services are currently set up, volunteers already see the extra times when they look at a specific service. What I'm looking to do is be able to to optionally make some of these extra times visible to all members/visitors, by listing the extra time on the calendar, much like any other public event.

Currently, I'm achieving the same thing by creating the service every Sunday along with a recurring event for the extra time that we want publicly visible. This works just fine, but I was hoping to have something more closely tied together.

I've included a few screenshots/mock-ups to give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

As I mentioned, I do have a viable workaround, so if this isn't a very useful feature to most users that's perfectly fine too.

Thanks for that Brian.

For now, I would suggest adding it into the 'Description' section of the service, but I will add in a feature request for this.

Hope this helps,


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