Improve importing songs from SongSelect

We don't use the songs feature heavily in Elvanto, but we have used it in the past and we're looking to start using it more. We have a SongSelect subscription and use the integration with Elvanto. One of our biggest hindrances to using the songs feature in Elvanto is the difficulty in importing a song from SongSelect into Elvanto.

When creating a new song, entering the name pops up a set of song suggestions from SongSelect. However, it's hard to really know which song is the one we want. Typically it's one of the first few options, but it's hard to know for sure. Sometimes the song writer name is a nice clue, but oftentimes the writer and performer are different and our admin really only knows the artist.

For example, a search for "Amazing Grace" results in 20 options in the drop-drown, 14 of which are titled exactly "Amazing Grace," with little else differentiating them. I've included a few screenshots of various searches to highlight the confusion.

In the end, what we end up having to do most of the time is find the song on SongSelect first, then create the song in Elvanto by matching based on the CCLI number of the song we found.

Having some additional information about the song -- namely lyrics -- visible from SongSelect would be very helpful to ease this pain point. Off the top of my head, I could see something like this:

  • The SongSelect suggestions drop down includes an excerpt from the "Lyrics Preview" that SongSelect shows on the song's overview page
  • There's a new preview pane when adding a song and, upon selecting theasong from the suggestions drop down, gets populated with the full lyrics of the song from SongSelect

I do realize that you're at the mercy of the SongSelect API and there are other considerations, like their unique songs limit, at play here, but I wanted to offer this idea to hopefully improve a feature we'd like to start using more.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the post.

I agree with you on this, getting the songs into the system is definitely one of the most manual tasks at this stage. There's a number of things we'd love to do, but the SongSelect API doesn't let us do everything! (Especially a nicer version of the chord charts!)

With that being said though, I believe what you've said should be possible using their API. I'll pass this onto the developers to look into.

Hope this helps,


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