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I've noticed the new registration method doesn't include a button to register on embedded calendars/events lists. This is is something that I find extremely important. We point people to our website event page for everything as it's one quick URL that is easy for people to remember and it's super handy for us, because we just embed our calendar and events list to it, so it's always up-to-date. Unfortunately, it was just pointed out to me that there are no links now for people to register for an event... so they can see the event, but they can't do anything with it. Is this something that could be fixed? The button used to exist on the old system, so hopefully it could be brought back with relative easy.

Thanks :)

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the message.

There is a request for this that I'll add your support to. I'm not entirely sure if it did or didn't exist in the old system though!

For now, you can always put a link in the event's description, that will show in the embedded calendar.


Hey Stewart,

Thanks for adding my support, I do currently have a link to the form in my events (now that I know the button is gone) but I'd still love to see a button again. Below is a screenshot of an older event that we had... as you can see it's on our website and has the blue register button that I'm hoping for.




Hi Sam.

Just to let you know, we had a meeting yesterday.

This will be coming back in the next few weeks.


This makes me so happy!

Thanks Stewart & team!

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