Event Registration: Allow form custom fields to be tied to a submission or ticket type

This was mentioned in passing in another feature request, but I just ran into the same thing and wanted to expand on it.

I'm creating an event registration for a marriage seminar. Along with the seminar, we're providing child care as a fundraiser. I created a single registration form, so people can register for the seminar and child care in the same form.

For the marriage seminar there is some custom information we're collecting:

  • Topics or questions the attendee would like to suggest for discussion during the seminar
  • Meal preference for the dinner component of the seminar
What I'm running into is that a topic/question field is added for each seminar registration and child care registration on the form. The same is true for the meal preference.

Instead, what I'd like to see is:
  • A way to specify that a form field is per submission, not per ticket. In other words, no matter how many tickets are included in the submission, the user is only prompted with a single topic/question field.
  • A way to specify that a form field is tied to a specific ticket type. In my example, the meal preference only applies to the seminar registration, not the child care, so if a family of five registers (2 parents for the seminar and 3 children for the child care), they're prompted for two meal preferences, since there are only two seminar tickets included in their registration. (This feature could also be useful in cases where the meal choices between adults and children varies, like for a fundraiser dinner.)

In short, it'd be nice to have two new options when adding a field to a form tied to an event. The first option sets the field to be tied to the submission itself, not the individual tickets. The second would limit the field to only certain ticket types.


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the post!

I've forwarded this directly to the developers as there's some great feedback for them to look at.

Hope this helps,


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