API request: add service volunteers


After working with the API for sometime now, this feature is on my wishlist. This type of feature would be pretty useful as it'd allow the possibility of mass adding volunteers imported from a spreadsheet. The call would only have to do one at a time, but inside a programmed loop would then allow something more efficient then currently having to do manually one at a time. I've had various instances where someone has worked out a roster manually and then handed it to me to add to the system. Having a programmable means would make my life easier.

I'd envision the call looking something along the lines of:


id: [id of service]

person_id: [id of person to be added]

position_id: [guid of volunteer position]


send_notification: [defaults to system value, probably "yes"]

status: [defaults to "unconfirmed", also allows "confirmed" or "declined"]

return status would fail for obvious reasons (bad inputs, ids don't exist) as well as:

- person is set as unavailable

but should still succeed if

- person is already set as a volunteer in a different position

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the message.

We're going to be working on V2 of our API soon, and hope to allow you to do this as part of V2 :)

Hope this helps,


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