Form/Event Pre-fill with family member data

Hi We are looking to move our event registration from event espresso and its looking very promising so far. Basically the scenario everyone hopes/dreams for is that a parent, whose kids are involved in other church activists, can register their kids with 90% of the rego info pulled from their family member that are linked in elvanto. (Similar to how people can already update family member records) The pre-filling on info will be very helpful as-is in terms of addresses, phone numbers, etc, but expanding/improving this as mentioned above would be great.

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question.

I'll add in a feature request for this. We already have pre filling enabled to an extent. We may be able to get it to prefil a certain number of submissions with all the families details.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for this. The prefill is already good for common info across families but having that for multiple family members would be next level awsome :)

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