Department changes for just a few weeks

Hi there, I'm wondering if you can help me solve a problem with departments for services that we've recently experienced.

We've just had a two week 'mid-term break' for Kids's Church and I noticed that it didn't seem to be possible to temporarily alter the departments attached to a service without changing them for all services of that type and we don't really want to have to introduce different service types tailored to allow different departments to be on 'holiday'

I should also add that it wouldn't really be suitable to just leave the department empty of volunteers as this will potentially just look like somebody hasn't done the roster rather than provide the information that Kids' Church, for example, isn't actually on.

So, I'm wondering if it would be possible to introduce a way to either:

- Edit the departments for an individual service, in a  way similar to the service plan where items from the template can be deleted etc

or even better (I think)

 - Be able to put a 'non-person' on the roster?

In the example above, I would ideally like to be able to put 'No Kids' Church Today' or 'Holiday Kids' Church' on the roster rather than a person.

I hope that makes sense!

Many thanks,


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