Chat notifications

What do chat notifications do, exactly? An email? Only when people log in to Elvanto? Something else?

Hi Raj,

This depends on their settings. All notifications are currently sent as emails.

  • No Notifications = No notifications at all.
  • New Messages Only = Email when the first new message is posted. 
  • Digest once per day = Once a day they'll get an email of any messages they haven't seen
Hope this helps,

Thanks Stewart. Is it only the user that can change these settings, or can I change them for other users?

I set up a message, but didn't get an email even though my notificatons was set to New Messages Only - could this be because I created the message?




Hi Raj.

At this stage only individuals can change their own notification preferences.

If you sent the message, it won't notify you of it.


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