Disable Edit on Check-In


Continuing to look at the practicalities of rolling out Elvanto based check-in and hit another snag.

Basically I was reviewing the docco about adding fields that can be edited at check-in:

But it seems, as mentioned in the docco, that built in fields cannot be hidden.

Basically I was wondering whether this view/edit-at-checkin functionality can be restricted or disabled all together? (in settings somewhere or through url arguments) Disabling this would be for both self-checkin and checkin through the admin interface.

The issue is basically that, regardless of how I set the view/edit permissions for the users with checkin privs, they can have full ability to view and edit the basic details of anyone in the DB who is able to be checked in. (Checkin doesn't seem to respect the access restrictions in set through people category editor) Other than allowing only a security code based lookup, it would seem that there not currently any way to limit the ability of users with this permission to view/edit these fields through the self-checkin screen. (Meaning that folks using the kiosk could view edit info of others if they can use the search to find them) Furthermore, the back-end check-in screen, there is the ability to other fields including demographics, etc.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question.

At this stage this can't be done. I would strongly suggest look at using the Security Code setting as the only field to search on in the Self Check-in area, or even to use Quick Check-in, as that way unless someone has the security code of a person they won't be able to bring up their profile to make any changes. The biggest of the Quick Check-in method is that if you set it as not having an input device, is that no edits can be achieved.

Hope this helps,


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