Link for 'Upcoming Services' page in Members' Area

Clicking on 'Roster' in the members' area takes you to a page where you can see the services you are rostered on. It is possible to see even the services you aren't rostered on by clicking the arrow beside the 'My Schedule' heading and selecting 'Upcoming Roster'. This feature is really useful for working out who you could swap with for something that you're rostered on. Could you set up this page so that the URL changes when you go to Upcoming Services? Just a #hash on the end of the URL would be fine. This would enable us to send users a link directly to this page when we are sending roster update emails. 

On a related note, in my opinion it's quite hard to discover the 'Upcoming Services' feature in the first place. I've used Elvanto for years without knowing that you could find out that information without being admin!

Hi Cameron,

Thanks for the email.

That sounds like an interesting idea. I'll pass it along to the developers for you.

Hope this helps,


Oh, sometimes I really fail at seeing the second paragraph.

Regarding the visibility of the 'Upcoming Services' in general. It's a relatively new feature. Originally we only ever had the 'Upcoming Services' view. It was only last year that we split it into two sections of 'My Roster' (showing only the services you're rostered on to) and the 'Upcoming Services' view, showing all services that you can view in the roster. (The same as it was before)


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