Forums Integration: Retain transaction memo field in Elvanto transactions

We use for our online giving provider, and use the integration in Elvanto. This works pretty well for us, but I've notice that any memos entered in don't get propagated into the Elvanto transaction. Instead, Elvanto seems to hardcode the memo field as "".

While recording the donation source in the memo field can be helpful, it'd also be helpful if it could retain the original memo as well. For example, if I have a transaction without a memo, then Elvanto creates the transaction automatically and populates the memo with "", just as it currently does. However, if I have a transaction that does include a memo (e.g. "For Sunday School materials"), then Elvanto creates the transaction and records both the source and the original memo (e.g. " - For Sunday School materials").

Alternatively, this could also be solved by having a separate transaction source field, which solely records the online giving source (e..g Then, the memo field is just a pass-through of the memo the donor entered into

Thanks for your time and consideration!

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the post.

You'll want to ask the team about this one. We simply store the Memo that they're sending through.

Hope this helps,


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