Event Registrations: Include transaction metadata to payment processors

We've used event registrations a few times and I believe passing along additional metadata to the payment processors would make it easier for office administrators to reconcile the funds coming from the event registrations. 

We enable both Stripe and PayPal payment integrations.

I see that from Elvanto, the event registration already includes the payment method and reference ID for the transaction. This is very helpful, but our office admin tends to prefer looking at the transfers/transactions from the payment processor, so providing meaningful metadata with the transaction could make this process easier.

In Stripe, when I look at the payments we received, I see that they have two fields that would be helpful, if they were populated when Elvanto passes the transaction along to Stripe:

  • Description: Under the payment details, Stripe provides a description field which can be populated to describe the transaction. Minimally, it'd be nice if Elvanto included the name of the event for which the member is submitting payment (e.g. "Description: Summer Camp"). Additionally, it'd be nice to see a breakdown of which tickets they purchase (i.e. "Description: Summer Camp. 2 x junior high; 1 x senior high")
  • Name: Under the "Card" details, there's a name field, which can be used to show the name of the cardholder. This currently isn't populated. It'd be nice to have this populated, so we can see who is making the payment.
For PayPal, the purchaser's name is shown by default, which is very helpful. But for PayPal too, it'd be nice if a description of the transaction (event name and/or tickets purchased) was included. Their payments API accepts a transaction object, which has both a description field and an items_list field. See:

Thanks for your time and consideration!

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the email.

This is something they we're working on currently and should be live in the coming weeks.

We've just started showing the relevant Stripe and PayPal reference details inside Elvanto as well.

Hope this helps,


Excellent suggestion / request!

It'd be useful to even have the ability to see all the invoices for different events in the one place in Elvanto. 

Ideally we would be able to link event payments back to the chart of accounts? And also pass some chart of accounts info on with the transaction

We just had our first payments go through Elvanto using Paypal with no description of the payment, just numbers. Is this still something that is coming? It would be nice for our accountant to have the description of the transaction.

Hi Bryce,

The number that's coming through is the Invoice number for the payment in Elvanto. We're wanting to send through more details in the future though.

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