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Hi Elvanto team,

The easiest way for us to create a lot of events at one time is do so through the calendar page.

If events are created via this way, however, there is no way to assign these events to particular groups for reporting purposes.

What this means is that if we want to create group meetings in Elvanto, we have to drill down into a particular group and add an event for that group (which in turn will add it to the events/calendar page)... This is very time-consuming, and also hard for our volunteers to understand...

Is it possible to add a feature within events to enable particular events to be linked/unlinked to existing groups within Elvanto, so we can properly use these events for attendance reporting?


Steve Cimarosti

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the email.

I was actually doing some work on this area recently and thought that we needed to add this in. I'll add your support to the feature request that I put in the other day for this :)

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart - that would be very helpful!

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