How do new users volunteer for departments or join groups?

I have set up a few groups and departments and I know how to assign people to departments or groups within the admin area but when I create a new user who is just a volunteer, how do they "see" what they can volunteer for within the system and volunteer for it?  Or how do they "see" what groups are available and join those groups?

I set up a test user with mamber/volunteer privliges.  When logged in, the user can see Volunteer Preferences but this is for scheduling.  He can see nothing for which he can volunteer.  Furthermore, although groups exist, he can see no groups with whom he might participate.

I've looked at the settings for the layout of the portal for the user and I see no options to display available departments or groups.  Is it up to Group Leaders to add everyone to their group or to Admins to add people to departments or is their no way for a member to see what voluteer and group activities are available and volunteer for certain positions or join groups he is interested in?

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the question.

When it comes to Groups, we don't have anything built in for this just yet. You can always create a form which has the "Action" section set to add a person to a group, but this requires adding a form in for each group you want to allow people to sign up for.

For departments though, there's a bit more flexibility/ You can add in the "Departments" field into the My profile layout, which lets volunteers go in and assign themselves to departments at will. This article looks at how to do this. You may want to disable self assign for certain volunteer positions as well if you're doing this. 

You could also look at a form in the same way, especially if you want to ensure that people go through a particular people flow.

Hope this helps,


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