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Hi Elvanto team

Is it possible to have a printed roster format along the lines of what is attached? We have been producing this from Planning Centre Online. The Elvanto options for this (as far as I can see) seem a bit clunky in comparison.  The online options are great - but we just want to provide something user friendly for our older people who don't tend to work online.

Thank you



Hi Raj,

Thanks for the email.

The closest would be the Volunteer Positions report, found under Services > Reports.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart - yes, I found this one. It is not quite as user friendly. If it is possible to develop something like the sample I uploaded, many would be grateful. I've discovered a number of people are doing manual workarounds. Thank you. Raj

Hi Raj,

Using the customization options in the report you can change how it's formated quite a bit, and once you're happy with the content itself, you can then insert it into a comprehensive report which would allow you to get something along the lines of the attached file.


Ah - this is brilliant Stewart. Thank you for pointing me to this method. I can see exactly what you mean. Thank you so much. 

The only thing we have to do is to add numbering into our position names to get the order we want. The report generates this alphabetically, rather than the order in the position set up. Or is there another way? Raj

Thanks for that Stewart and Raj,

My question to aid in the final output, is there any way that of making a comprehensive report where you don't have to edit the date range for each 'Add item' sub report, but can set the date range for each?



Raj - I'll have to look into this one for you! I'm not sure how it is meant to be sorting at this stage. 

Roger - When setting the Item up, you can give it a nicer date range such as "In the next 4 weeks"


Thanks Stewart,

That feature is very helpful, this may be something to consider for the future: allowing the user to select a period to skip and then a period to report (We put out our roster a couple of weeks in advance and will use this report)

I'm keen on hearing your answer on that ordering too, as we can control it for the back of a service sheet volunteer positions I'm pretty sure.



Stewart - to pick up on the date discussion, it would be great if in a comprehensive report, you can centrally change the data ranges for all of the composition reports (rather than needing to do it centrally).

This may be a nice to have - as I can certainly see the possibilities with the way that it currently operates. And I love what the comprehensive report can achieve.

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