Skill Sets of Church People - how to manage

Having recently formed a new Property Management group in church, we were looking to collect a list of skills of the church people.  Long ago, we created a Custom Field called "Skill" (tucked away where nobody can see it for now) which is a free form field.

We are a church with several hundred people on this list (big enough not to know all the skills we have under our roof).

We have a Department (and a Group) called Property Maintenance.

Options I thought about were:
1. creating the basic property maintenance skill sets as volunteer roles (eg Builder, Labourer / Laborer, Plumber, Tiler) and allowing people to self-assign
2. giving people access to the free form Custom Field "Skills" where they can put in anything they want (which could include spiritual and other gifts / skills)
3. just asking around and allowing the Property Manager only to populate these fields - which will not be seen by the church people as a whole.

Happy to learn from any pioneers who have ventured into this space previously.
Doug Long
Diamond Valley Baptist Church
Plenty, Melbourne

Hey Doug,

I haven't done this yet, per say... but I've done something similar.

With the world of food sensitivities, allergies, etc. I wanted a way to track this so that when we host an event, we know what to plan for.

I created a custom field that had a list of allergies/sensitivities/restrictions and created a space for additional ones that people could write in. This is available in the My Profile section, so people can edit it as required.

I also attach these fields (show up as People Custom Fields) into registration forms for events where there is food, which catches people who we may not have that data for.

I guess I'd recommend approach number 2 for this personally. Hope it helps!


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