Growth Track Like Feature For Discipleship

Hi there! 

Any plan on introducing features to Elvanto like lesson tracking for discipleship groups? 

Our discipleship groups are open in that they are designed for people to bring their friends and family to study the Bible and anyone can join a group at any time. All that matters is you complete the lessons.  However, the difficulty is tracking which lessons have been completed (the same is true for someone who's missed a bunch of lessons due to work or illness)   Right now we are using Groups for basic attendance and Google Sheets to individual lesson tracking.  We would love to be able to combine the two. Any suggestions? 

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the question!

Depending on how many lessons there are, I would actually suggest using custom fields to track the completion dates of the individual lessons. You can then run reports on who has, or hasn't completed what.

Hope this helpds,


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