Including Admin Notes section within on Services management

In an Elvanto Event, there is a field for Admin Notes.  This is helpful when planning events.

In much the same way as Events, we have a group of people who work together to organise the services.

Could we please have this same field available within the Services management section on the Edit Tab?

Otherwise we are having to run two systems, where keep notes on things we're sorting out and organising and Elvanto where we record the final plan.

Hi Chris,

Services have a "Note" system that can be used if desired from the sidebar. This might help a bit more than just the "Admin Notes" that events have. (That way you've got timestamps and multiple notes can be submitted etc)

Let me know how that helps,


No, not really.  Because all that's displayed is the name of the note poster and the time stamp in a list.  If there was a note title or description that was visible in the list then maybe, but as it is now, it's just a list of people's names.

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