Visitation schedule

I'm looking for something in Elvanto to help both the Elders and Minister manage a regular visitation or check-in/call schedule.

So far, it's just managed through a Google Calendar so that we can't regularly visit people on a specific list.

This is hard though because some people don't want to be included and therefore when they are removed, the whole calendar needs to be re-done so as not to have vacant time.

I'm hoping for a feature which would add selected people to a list, which would be personalised, so the Minister would look after one group, and visit them regularly, an Elder would have another group and visit them regularly, and so on.

Currently, the list is setup as a Small Group for each Elder, and all of the congregants they look after are group members.

Each congregant would have the option to opt-out of visitation and therefore would be removed from the regular rotation.

Is something like this available that I'm missing, or can it be added in the future?

Hi Joss!

Sorry for the later than usual reply. Been having a few really busy days plus the weekend!

While there's probably other ways this could be done, I know some people use Groups or a custom field for this, I personally would use Notes, especially for the calendar aspect of it. 

After visiting a person, they can make a note about that visit, and schedule a reminder with that note to follow them up at a date of their choosing. This allows you to keep it flexible and means you don't have to shuffle everything around to suit, just pick a date when it suits both parties for each meeting. 

It would also mean that it's quite easy to remove people from the list. If they no longer want visitations, simply don't schedule another note.

The "People Notes" report can then be used as a way of seeing how the visits have gone historically. I'd also suggest looking at some Note Categories, to allow you to differentiate between these notes and other note types, and allowing you to restrict who can see these notes. 

Hope this helps,


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