Groups recurring day picker adjustment

When setting a new group, you need to enter a date for the first meeting and then can select a recurring schedule.

I think it would make it easier to have the day of the week automatically selected from the date selected.

Eg. Select May 4th 2017 as start date of group.

Meets every 1 week.

Day should be automatically selected as Thursday.

Currently the day defaults to Monday which means another option is required to be selected before it can be saved correctly.

Hi Joss,

Thanks for the post.

This is similar to how it used to work. We decided against this, as it would allow admins to simply give the groups the "Start date" of a set period, ie a bunch of groups might all "Start" at the beginning of the school year. Their first meeting may not be that day though.

I will pass this along as some feedback though.

Hope this helps,


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