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I wasn't sure where else to post this so I stuck it here. The increasingly frustrating responses we seem to keep getting from support are "you can't do that, sorry."

Our church has been working for the last several months to import and move our existing Servant Keeper 7 database over to Elvanto, after spending much time customizing the setup. What we are seeing are some strange gaps in the way things work in Elvanto that we hadn’t considered before making the leap. Here is an incomplete list of what we’ve found so far:

1. Within departments, there is no way to assign a role to report to another role. We can only have a role assigned to a specific person. Therefore, if that person moves out of that role, we have to find everywhere they are the “Report to” person and change it. This will be a nightmare to handle every year when volunteer roles change.

2. There is nowhere to mark someone as a pastor or staff, rather than volunteer, or make a staff position rather than a volunteer position. We have a staff of 18 at the moment. These roles are static, but on the weekends they are not volunteering, they are paid staff (though they may volunteer in other roles.) For Instance, I am the IT Manager during the week, and I am the "reports to" staff role for the tech team on the weekends. If I am in a staff role, I am not volunteering, and therefore shouldn’t be pulled up in the volunteering reports for such. However if I am volunteering, I shouldn't be available for a staff requirement.

3. Signature files, and other embedded graphics, for letters or other printables are required to be publicly accessible in order to print. This is a security issue and one that should be resolved by allowing the print render engine proper access to specific folders that have these sensitive items.

4. We can sell tickets to an event, but have no means to track, out of those that have signed up, who has actually checked in to the event. To create a separate “service” just for the check-in to events is quite silly since there is no link to the tickets sold; despite being able to print barcodes on the tickets.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the post.

  1. There's an existing feature request for the ability to customise the reports to person in a more dynamic. I'll add your support for this.
  2. When it comes to staff, this is entirely up to you how you do it. The Rostering section of Elvanto works in the same way if they're just volunteers or staff. You can however list staff in your account in a number of different ways. Some just use an access permission to indicate they're staff (And grant access to different areas of the system due to that designation) or they'll use a group. When it comes to ensuring that you're not available for different positions, this is entirely up to you again. If you're already rostered on for a particular position, you're going to appear as a conflict for any other positions in the same service, and any services in the conflict time period.
  3. As per the email I just sent you, you can use an online tool such as this tool, to convert the images into a base64 encoded string, that is then only stored in the template, not as a publicly available image. As the PDF generating software is on a completely different server there is unfortunately no way currently for us to allow it to access private images. 
  4. As per this blog post, We will be looking at the ability to check into events when we release the update to the check-in area.
Hope this helps,

Thanks for the updates. Is there any timeframe on the inevitable updates coming to check-in?

Hi Chris,

No timeframe at this stage. We're still in the early design stages. We'll be releasing more news as we get closer though.


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