Adding songs to a service

I would like to see a drag and drop feature for adding songs to a service - perhaps with a list of songs on the left that can then be dragged into the chosen place on the service plan. I believe this is how Planning Center Online does it. There are extra steps right now, because whenever I add a song, it ends up at the bottom, and I have to drag it up. Then I have to go back and click "add song" again. [we chose Elvanto over PCO for the way it handles people stuff, but I think improvements in service planning would keep it a serious competitor to PCO which seems to the the crowd favorite.]

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the email.

I'll pass this along to the developers to look into. We'd definitely like to make this easier. I would suggest though, if you've got generic "Song 1" items in the service plan template, instead of having to add in a song as a new item, you can always link an existing item to the song. Makes it a little easier.

Hope this helps,



That does make it easier - didn't know that was a capability.  I appreciate the support and constant desire to improve. 

Thank you.


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