Way to "Contact Volunteers" through the services feature for volunteers who have opted out of recieving roster reminders.


We have a few folks who have opted out of recieving the volunteer reminder email, but it would still be good to be able to contact all of the volunteers who are connected to a given service.

I had a look and this isn't really something that can be done via the advanced search feautres, nor can it be done via the contact volunteers feature.

Just wondering if this is possible or whether it would need to be a feature request.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the email.

Currently this isn't possible. There is a feature request to better handle people unsubscribing from certain things though. Ie, allowing volunteers to unsubscribe from the follow up emails, or the automatic reminder emails, while not unsubscribing from manually sent scheduling emails etc. I'll add your support to this request. 

Hope this helps,


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