Financial giving and the dearly departed

Having just switched our financials over to Elvanto, as the final part of the transition from a prior system, we have run into an issue with the financial giving for a person marked as deceased. When entering a batch, we found a couple of people that had been giving through auto-debit from their bank accounts. Since their departure, their banking information hadn't been updated. In order to assign the giving to their accounts, we had to quit the batch, do an advanced search for the individual, including deceased, mark them as not deceased (which shows up in their activity), run the batch, then make them as deceased again. Is there no way to add an option in settings to include deceased people in financials? Or is there already a way to do this? These steps, while not common in the long run, really make the process cumbersome for users that are simply trying to get the finances completed. 

Hi Chris,

Just so I'm fully clear on this, are these new transactions being entered, but connected to the deceased individual, after they've passed away?

Or are you attempting to import historical transactions from before they passed away. 


I ran into a similar issue earlier in the year. In our case it was a new transaction (given a few week prior, before the individual passed) being added manually, not imported.

For a bit more context, our admin typically enters transactions once per month, or sometimes once per quarter, so the individual's membership status may change between the time of the transaction and when it's entered into Elvanto.

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