Request for tweak to new Swap/Replace Feature

Love the new swap & replace feature you have just brought online, it's a real time and hassle saver for our service admin team.

However, I would like to suggest one tweak to it - would it be possible to have the option (configurable in Settings) to ignore service type when Elvanto searches for the list of possible swaps and replacements?

Given we are a one location, one weekly service church, we use service types mainly to have configurable service plans for what is happening on any given Sunday (things like "Is there communion this week? Is our kids' ministry running" etc.) In this situation, we don't mind volunteers being able to swap onto a different service type if their position is one that is used each week.

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Hi Andy,

At this point in time we wouldn't want to do that entirely.

There is another feature request that would be better overall though, where a single service type can have "Alternate Plans", or something like that, so you can have a single "Service Type" but have different templates attached to them.

I'll add your support to that request for you

Stewart, could you add my support to that request as well?

Hi Sam!

I definitely can.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart,

I get where you're coming from, but I don't think the Alternate Plan option quite fits the bill for us. The issue is departments & volunteers - our different service types take into account things like school holidays (when we have no kids program running) and communion (which happens twice a month), which affect what volunteer roles I have to schedule for a given service, and therefore what roles I want the auto-scheduler to pick up.

We would probably have the same issue as Andy Steven does too, so Stewart's alternative suggestions (which still sounds like a great feature addition!) wouldn't quite work for us either.

I think I put a feature request in a while ago to be able to alter departments for individual services (for school holidays particularly) so in lieu of that we'd be taking Andy's approach which will potentially make the service type/swap problem that he identifies an issue for us too.

Actually, Alastair's option would suit us too - making departments editable for individual services, in conjunction with Alternate Plans. Those two features combined would allow us to move away from having different Service Types, which would then remove the issue with swaps being tied to a particular Service Type.

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