Check-in, Events, and Groups

So a current scenario we have is this: 

1. We have a one time, payment collecting registration for an event that repeats weekly for the whole summer. We use this for gathering information about the attendees, as well as booking assets in the church. 

2. Since there is no logical link between an attendee to an event and a billing contact, who are typically family, we must manually add family associations for each person through the form submissions.

3. The people that register are manually added to a group for easy communication with the group, since the registration details and affiliation with the event are inaccessible outside of the form submissions themselves. (IE no people view based on event registration)

4. Since the group is made up primarily of children with a few volunteer adults, we needed to check-in and roster, so we created a service.

So in our calendar, we have a group to gather notes and communicate, an event for booking assets and gathering registrations, and a service for check-ins/outs. This is repeating weekly for the summer. 

What I would love to see is check-in for groups, rostering for events and groups, and a registration form we can use, and take payment for, based on and integrated with the group, that collects information that can be found through a report and people view. This would greatly simplify the whole process. Our staff are getting very confused on what they need to do each time.

Hi Chris,

We're wanting to look into these features in the future but at this point we don't have any timeline for anything.

Hope this helps,


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