Smarter event locations

This suggestion is related to the location of an event. For us, most of the time events are at one of only a few places. Those that manage our calendar, myself included, fall into the habit of using a short hand when entering the location.

For example, if it's a special event being held at the church, we often just enter "Crossroads Apostolic Church," instead of the full street address. This works OK, as Google Maps is typically able to figure it out, but it's temperamental. Continuing with the church example, "Crossroads Apostolic Church" is a fairly common name, so often the map preview in Elvanto will just display the first match it finds. If the user clicks through to actually get the directions in Google Maps, then Google uses the user's current location and finds the right match.

Now, I think the correct solution to this would be to just specify the full address for the location, rather than our shorthand. This is something that we're handling internally. However, I think the UX of the event location field could be improved to make it easier to specify the location.

The first though that came to mind was some additional setup to allow users to save "favorite" locations, which the users can then use when adding an event and it'll autocomplete all the address information. The user would still be able to add a "custom" location (one that's not a saved "favorite").

Then, I got to thinking about the current Google Maps integration. Google Maps provides APIs for searching and autocompleting places and addresses. If the event location field plugged into that API, the user can type in the name of the location, or the physical address, and Google's API will autocomplete with all of the location/address information. As an added bonus, using the Google Maps API would add some additional validation to the field, so user's are less likely to make mistakes.

I hope this suggestion is helpful and can be used to further improve Elvanto. Thanks for all your help!



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