Event Registration - too complicated?

Thanks Elvanto for doing Event Registrations. 

There is ONE big thing that I see in a lot of areas in Elvanto. I aldeady have an article on "songs" about that.

You have to LINK so many things, that are NOT intuitive AT ALL.

I want to create a SIMPLE registration for an event, that's beyond "I attend" but simpler than to create an extra form.

Why not be able to do EVERYTHING in one category = events.

  1. I have to create an event. Fine. 
  2. Now I can say "Register via form" BUT: I haven't created a form for that Event yet. So I leave it empty
  3. Going to registration I can put in tickets. And have to click on "is accepting registrations". WHY? I already said "Register" in the 2nd step!
  4. Now it gets complicated. I have to create a form! In a totally different area of the system. 
  5. In the form creating section I can NOT choose my event in the "event" field. Why not? Because it is not LINKED yet to the form. 
  6. I have to save the form, go BACK to the "Event" section, I can NOT choose it under the first "Edit" Tab (under register URL > via form) because "No forms are linked to this event".
  7. I have to go under "Registration" and there find the new form.
  8. I have to click on edit form and go back to the form and then manually add my Event to the Form - although I already linked the form to the Event in the Event section.

    You feel my description is complicated? Just think about how complicated it is to use it, even figure out how to get to the point how to link all this together! Took me hours!!!!

  9. NOW! I have to configure the Layout! Which is empty! Why not have 5 presets for typical use?
    Name / Family Name / Birthdate...

  10. Where can I see the people who registered? Another complicated thing!
    I want to see and filter who goes to the retreat - How many adults? How many children? These are different tickets!
  • In the guest list, right? No! If a Dad registers him, his wife and 2 children, the guest list only shows ONE person! 
  • Maybe under Invoices? No. It only shows the main registrant and how many are registered - not even 2 adults, 2 kids... only general number. 
  • under registrations? How many tickets are sold? No. Nothing. 
  • Well: it is possible. Where? In the Form Section - under submission! (Of course!?) You have to go all the way back!
  • BUT! You only see names. Not age, not ticket-category, nothing else. 
  • There is more possible! Go to "Export" and you get an excel sheet - which will show more information yet! BUT also not ticket category or anything like it.

My goooodness. I love to figure out these mazes! I feel I am challenged by it. 
BUT how should I explain this to my volunteers Mum who organizes an event.

She goes RIGHT back to old style hand-done Paper, maybe Excel or Google Sheets. 
Too bad, Elvanto is soooo complicated in some areas. And it would be an easy fix. In my humble opinion.

Have ONE Place in an event, where you can see and filter by all information. 
The tables are there, we see it's possible to filter anything in the people section. 

Suggestions (Pleaaaaase!):
  1. Within "Event registrations" integrate the Forms there! In the registration tab! Why not? Why have tickets here, forms there and then take it 5 steps to link the two!?
  2. Make it possible to see who is coming! And make all information from the forms possible to be filtered and viewed in the events section. Forms should be for CREATING forms. Period. But forms should also be able to create in the event itself.

And again I ask: before you start all the new cool features - make Elvanto simple. 

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the feedback. We're aware that there's a few extra steps that can seem to be a bit unusual in there and we're wanting to streamline this in the future if we can, as well as improving some basic things like documenting the entire process on our help site better. We also have a few more exports that we'd like to do to make this better

I will mention a few things though:

  • The event's "Guest List" should show anyone who had a ticket purchased for them if they were linked in the form submission. In your example, the children and wife should all appear in that list, unless you were not using the built-in fields to capture those details and the submissions have been approved.
  • If you view a specific invoice from within the event's "Registration" tab, it will list what tickets were purchased, and who they were for. (With the same conditions of the submission being approved as above)
  • When you've got a form that's been setup with a nice layout, you can always use it as a template and duplicate it to copy the layout over to a brand new form. Doing this you can setup a generic "Registration Template Form" and duplicate it, and link the new copy to your event. 
Hope this helps,

The most amazing thing about Elvanto Support ist Stewart! How can you manage to read, understand and even answer so quickly and in depth! You really know you software and are so friendly! Thanks.

I want to make sure, that I want my critique to be constructive and respectful. It's the urgency and some frustration I feel - because I WANT to use Elvanto as much as possible. And we users need the backup for streamlining it! So it's really a time-saver not time-eater. 


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