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I have a couple of calendars in our account that I would like to make available to members, but which I want to restrict from Guest access. However, even though we have Guest access to Calendar turned off in Settings, any calendars that we make available in the Members' Area have their events show up in the Upcoming Events sidebar, even when not logged in.

Would it be possible to change the Calendar feature, so that when Guest access to Calendar is turned off, the Upcoming Events sidebar doesn't show up for non-logged in users? Alternatively, could Calendar permissions be changes so that we can allow/disallow Guest access on a calendar by calendar basis?

Hi Andy,

Let me check something with the developers about this.

I'll get back to you once I know more about what's going on here. It seems strange we're still showing "Upcoming Events" when we've disabled calendar access to guests. 


Hi Andy,

The developers are going to look into this for you.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart,

Yeah that's great, thanks so much for following this through.



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