Scheduled emails - make datetimes in past invalid

As it stands, you can select a date in the past to schedule an email on. This shouldn't be the case. Solutions might include: Pre-flight date verifier, gives warning when you hit send Datetime picker invalidates dates in past

Hi Jason,

We've looked into this. Likely we'll do something similar to submitting unavailability where the date picker won't let you set a date that's in the past.

As it stands though functionally if you schedule something in the past, we just send it as if it wasn't queued normally.

We noticed that. It'd be real handy if that was something we knew _before_ rather than after the fact. As it is, there is no warning that this is what elvanto is about to do, in case you made a mistake and picked the wrong day and don't want to send it now. Perhaps a gentle fail or confirmation instead would be preferable?

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