What are Departments used for?

Departments are used to determine what areas your volunteers serve in. Departments are mainly used when volunteers are assigned to a service. You can see who serves in what department, and then quickly add volunteers to the service.

Each department is broken up into sub-departments and positions. Here is an example of departments, sub-departments and positions:

You can add as many Departments as you like.

Departments are flexible

Volunteers aren't locked into the departments they are assigned. If for some reason a volunteer was in the Music Team but was asked to help out in the Kids Team for one week, you can add the volunteer to the Kids Team when assigning them to a service.

Disable self-assign

In the Volunteer Settings you can allow volunteers to choose what departments and positions that they serve in. Tick the "disable self-assign" box below a department if you would not like this department to show up in the list that volunteers see. You can also tick the checkboxes below to only hide certain sub-departments and positions. Read more about this in the Help section.

Reports to

Here you can choose who the people within a certain sub-department or department report to. You can also have different reports to people based on a serviceslocation. Read more in this article.

Leadership position

You can assign which positions are a leadership position. What this basically means is they are the leader of a specific sub-department. You can then run reports and extract all the leaders based on which position they are assigned.

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